Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Iliza Shlesinger, Winner of Last Comic Standing, On Howard Stern Show 3/25/09

Very rarely is a interview with Howard Stern dull. Especially when you have a comedian come on to the show. I watched the show last season and was going for her just because she was hot. Sure call me shallow, when you knew you were doing the same thing. If you were one of the ones who actually watch the show.

Iliza Shlesinger, the first female and also the youngest winner of the NBC show Last Comic Standing was on Howard Stern this morning. Although the interview was a little dull, it's nice to see Stern supporting up-and-coming comics.

Iliza Shlesinger was on the show to plug the Last Comic Standing Tour, which she's in the middle of right now. Schlesinger tried hard not to bash the other finalists on the show, but she did tell Stern that the three guys joining her on the tour refuse to talk to her. She says they're mad and resentful that she won the contest and the $250,000 prize money.

If you've never seen the show, Last Comic Standing is like American Idol for comics. A bunch of judges travel the country looking for the next break-out stand-up comedian. Once the herd is narrowed down to 12, the comics have to live together in a house and perform in front of live L.A. audiences. The audiences then get to vote to decide who's the funniest comic.

Howard tried hard to get some good gossip out of Iliza, but she really didn't have a whole lot to say. Although very pretty, she says she's a regular girl and doesn't dress-up or put on a show in an effort to get a guy. She says most guys avoid her because she's a sarcastic wise-ass and they're scared of becoming a part of her act. Hmmmm. Maybe she can't get a guy because off stage she's a big yawn fest?

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